About us

UNIGEO a.s. has a long-time tradition and its history has been ongoing since 1951…



Establishment of a national enterprise in Ostrava called “Geologický průzkum paliv”


Company renamed to “Uhelný průzkum n.p. Ostrava”


Establishment of a new organisation called “Geologický průzkum n.p. Ostrava” with its plants in Ostrava, Brno, Rýmařov and in Zlaté Hory


“Geologický průzkum Ostrava n.p.” national enterprise was transformed into a state enterprise called UNIGEO Ostrava


Joint-stock company “UNIGEO a.s.” was established


Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s.” gradually became the major shareholder of the company after shareholders had been concentrating for some time


“Kooperativa, pojišťovna a.s.” became a sole shareholder of the company


100% shares of UNIGEO a.s. company were transferred and TOUZIMSKY KAPITAL, s.r.o. company became a new sole shareholder. UNIGEO a.s. has remained a part of Touzimsky Kapital group until today.


UNIGEO a.s. is currently a consolidated company with a wide range of activities. Implementation of these activities is carried out in cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign partners.

Geology Work
Geology of non-metalic deposits, studies of mineral recources, comprehensive regional and local hydrogeological surveys including water infiltration, water resources surveys and prospection, groundwater and surface water quality evaluation, comprehensive engineering- geological studies  for  the construction of foundation and planty of  building-use-type construction or reconstruction, road and railway construction etc.,  geotechnical supervision at sites, evaluation of slope deformations of risk areas and buildings including proposals for redevelopment measures, groundwater quality monitoring, climatic monitoring, GIS projects, expert opinions and consultations.


Environmental Work
Surveys of contaminated sites (remediation of ecological damages) at industrial and agricultural premises, ecological audits, risk analysis and feasibility studies, brownfield management, plan impact evaluation of development or construction projects, EIA, SEA, IPPC, survey and location sources of ground water contamination, rock environment remediation, soil and ground water decontamination, waste management projects, consultatancy and advisory work, supervisions.


Laboratory Work
The Soil Mechanics Laboratory Department performs determination of physical-mechanical properties of soils, aggregates and geotechnical field testing, as well performs determination of particle size distribution in aggregates and measurement of methane and carbon dioxide concentration.
(Accredited laboratory No.1412 according ČSN EN ISO/ IEC 17 025)


Extraction of Mineral Deposits
Extraction of exclusive natural gas deposits including their preparation, development, extraction and the subsequent mine elimination and restoration of the deposit. Arrangements of prospect wells installation, construction of technological and operation facilities, high-pressure gas transmission lines etc.
Provision of a development plan and technological procedure of mining, reclamation of land affected by mining. Mining engineering economy study, consultancy and engineering activities concerning deposits of minerals including securing and solving conflicts resulting from the use of deposits i.e. application of mining regulations in coherence with other legal norms concerning and protecting most of all the environment, forest management, water management, agricultural land resources etc.


Construction and Drilling Works
Special construction work, landslides remediation, cutting slopes fastening for linear transport buildings, grouting, consolidation and ground fastening etc., construction of retaining walls and rider bracing, repairs and remediation of bridges and culverts.
Drilling holes for surveys of non-metallic minerals deposits, core drill holes, cased boreholes for hydrogeological surveys, wells and water collecting wells, heat pump boreholes, boreholes for engineering geological survey, boreholes intended constructing for foundation, remediation of buildings and rock massifs, drainage wells, monitoring wells, boreholes for land anchors, micro-piles and piles, grout boreholes for the purposes of constructions strengthening and territory insulation, irrigation and exploratory mine boreholes.



Certificate – criteria in quality ČSN EN ISO 9001

Certificate – environment protection system ČSN EN ISO 14001

Certificate – occupational health and safety system ČSN OHSAS 45001