Geological work

Our company carries out comprehensive hydrogeological surveys relating to water resources protection, as well as mineral resources deposits and construction work.

Scope of work:

  • Hydrogeological surveys of drinking water resources, verification of quality and capacity of groundwater resources
  • Protection zones delimitation of water resources
  • Surveys for constructional purposes including water infiltration
  • Performance of pumping (hydrodynamic), infiltration and tracing tests
  • Hydrogeological mapping and construction of special hydrogeological maps
  • Surveys of cemeteries
  • Hydrogeological surveys of mineral resources deposits
  • Consultancy, opponent and advisory work

Our company carries out compehensive  engeneering  geological study including assessment geological and getechnical conditions in interest grounds.

Scope of Work:

  • Design and realization all of  EG survey stages intended for various types of constructions (industrial, linear, transportation, water management and ecological buildings as well as public facilities etc.)
  • EG surveys of slid areas, slope stability  management and proposal of remediation measures
  • Realization of pedological surveys and assessment, document processing for the official act of exclusion from the agricultural land fund
  • Geotechnical supervision at construction sites
  • Procurement of soils locality and secondary raw materials suitable for surface formations implementation Realisation of retrieval work
  • Consultancy, opponent and advisory work

Our company realizes projects concerning prospecting and survey of mineral deposits, in particular natural gas and oil deposits. We focus on the area of Moravskoslezske Beskydy Mountains and their foothills. Exploration works are situated in the area of the eastern and south eastern periphery of the Czech part of the Upper Silesian Basin. We cooperate with a great number of domestic and foreign partners providing services in the field of seismic surveys, drilling and reservoir engineering.


Scope of Work:

  • Acquisition, processing and evaluation of data regarding areas, which are perspective for the occurrence of hydrocarbon deposits
  • Acquisition of prospecting and survey rights relating to the prospective areas (to establish exploration licenses)
  • Preparation and realization of prospecting and survey projects with a primary target to increase verified geological reserves
  • Evaluation of the results obtaining from the exploration works
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining mining rights to newly discovered deposits (geological analyses, estimation of reserves)
  • Evaluation of production results and specification of geological models in order to optimize production programmes

We engage in design, implementation and assessment of complex deposit surveys as well as advisory and consultancy activities concerning deposit geology.

Scope of Work:

  • Designing, implementation and assessment of complex deposit surveys
  • Prospecting, exploration and assessment of deposits with reserved and not reserved minerals
  • Calculations, reassessments and depreciations of mineral deposit reserves
  • Acquisition and management of geological documentation of pits and gravel & sand quarries
  • Processing of regional deposit studies
  • Processing of applications for declaration, modification and lifting of deposit areas protection
  • Processing of materials and applications concerning exploration area delineation
  • Consultancy and advisory activities