Soil Mechanics Laboratory centre carries out laboratory and field analyses to assess foundation soil intended for geological investigation as well as for road and railway construction works.
LMZ is accredited by ČIA with certificate No. 554/2021 valid from 29.10.2021.

Scope of work:

  • Determination of water content
  • Determination of bulk density in fine-grained soil
  • Determination of the apparent density – Pycnometer Method
  • Determination of Atterberg limits
  • Determination of the particle size distribution – sieving method
  • Laboratory soil compaction tests
  • Laboratory determination of California bearing ratio (CBR)
  • Proposal of optimal binder mixture
  • Determination of soil compressibility in an oedometer
  • Direct shear test
  • Determination of the soil strength by Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Test
  • Determination of consolidation property
  • Determination of soil swelling property
  • Dynamic load test by means of light dynamic plate
  • Dynamic penetration test
  • Static load test of base courses roads by means of a small load plate
  • Determination density by membrane volumenometr
  • Determination of particle size distribution
  • Laboratory determination of Z coefficient
  • Laboratory determination of organic substance content
  • Laboratory determination of slacking characteristics
  • Laboratory determination of frost resistance and frost susceptibility
  • Laboratory determination of compressive strenght of natural stones and building blocks
  • Pedagogical analyses of soil