Extraction of Raw Materials Deposits

Our company has been conducting work regarding extraction of natural hydrocarbons, oil and natural gas for a long period of time. The natural gas and oil production takes place in Moravskoslezske Beskydy Mountains and their foothills, in the Czech part of the Upper-Silesian Basin. Mining facilities are implemented into the landscape with utmost care and in compliance with environmental protection requirements.


Scope of Work:

Preparation and realization of constructions of technological facilities intended for extraction, treatment and transport of natural gas (high-pressure gas pipelines)

  • Extraction of natural gas deposits
  • Cooperation with acceptance and inspection representatives of clients within the framework of quality management system (binding technical and delivery conditions)
  • Treatment of extracted hydrocarbons in compliance with parameters of supply and customer contracts
  • Ensuring work safety, mining operation safety and environmental protection (technical supervision, permanent inspection services, cooperation with the Mine Rescue Station in Hodonin).